Medlavizan provides billing and coding services 24 hrs / 7 days so we can process your claims daily.


Our medical billing service is designed to increase your practice’s revenue cycle management (RCM) and reimbursement by utilizing our professional experience. We provide a complete end-to-end service, which means we actively manage our client’s RCM and provide responsive communication every step of the way. This ensures that you can focus on taking care of your patients while we take care of your RCM. With less stress related to RCM and practice cash flow, you can enjoy a better work-life balance and dedicate more time to what matters most to you – family life, patients’ wellbeing, and your practice.

We ensure that complete claims are coded and submitted to payers within 24 hours. We also provide electronic and paper claims, depending on the payer’s requirements. With us, you can feel comfortable knowing that you have a team of experts looking out for your best interests. Our team is dedicated to following up on no-response claims and denials to correct or modify claims and resubmit quickly. Our turn-key solutions access to real-time information about your practice’s billing information.

Other key components of our RCM process include

  • Payment posting/adjustments
  • Patient statements
  • Processing patient credit card payments
  • Managing collections
  • Patient inquiries
  • A / R Recovery
  • Denial management
  • Tracking / claims management

Increase revenue and accelerate reimbursement time with Medlavizan Billing services.

Are you searching to improve your reimbursement rates and cash flow?

If your agency is facing a decline in revenue cycle performance, experiencing issues with earned income not reaching your bank account, or unable to make informed decisions due to the lack of accurate real-time reports, we can help.

At Medlavizan Billing Solutions, our experienced team of professionals offers a proven billing process that reduces delays and denials, thereby maximizing cash flow. In addition, our team is proficient in entering the billing process in multiple billing software.

We provide transparent access to real-time reports, which enables you to view key performance indicators (KPIs), financial and payer information, and improve your ambulance billing services. With our help, you can optimize every step of the billing process and submit a higher percentage of clean claims with fewer rejections.

Our team invoices quickly and accurately, thereby helping you submit claims out the door and get paid faster. Additionally, we have a professional team to check insurance eligibility before submitting claims to insurance either on real-time or provider portals.

Let us help you improve your revenue cycle performance and maximize your cash flow.