Insurance Eligibility Verification Services


Insurance Eligibility Verification Services

The essential phase in medical billing and coding is insurance eligibility verification. Eligibility and insurance verification are critical to receiving accurate and timely information about insurance coverage and reimbursement. A healthcare organization may be losing money; if necessary, checks and balances are not in place.

Failure to validate eligibility and obtain prior authorization can result in delayed payments and denials, resulting in lower collections and revenues. Delaying reimbursements has a direct influence on the company’s cash flow.

Patient insurance eligibility verification is the first and perhaps most critical step in the medical billing process. That means your service provider has to be on the ball to obtain and accurately record all eligibility information. Physicians need to verify each patient’s eligibility and benefits to ensure they will receive payment for services rendered.

The verification of patients eligibility for health insurance is essential since it affects the companies cash flow directly.